The Power Of Flowers

I would like to share this recent article from SAF (Society of American Florist) on the “power of flowers”.

Rutgers Research Reveals: Flower Givers Make the Best Impression

Scientific research proves that receiving flowers and being in the presence of flowers make people happy. But is it better to give than to receive?

Through a partnership, SAF and the American Floral Endowment commissioned a Rutgers University study in 2006, to determine how people perceive others based on the types of gifts they give. The results are groundbreaking, as flower givers rose to the top.

The research reveals that people who give flowers make the best impression compared to other gifts studied. They are considered more likable, friendly and emotionally intelligent. The floral gift-giver is regarded as highly caring, trustworthy, loving, successful, and as valuing achievement and beauty in life.

Promoting the Power of Giving Flowers

Through a strategic public relations campaign, SAF is alerting the media to the Power of Giving Flowers to keep flowers and florists top of mind among consumers. SAF launched the campaign in Spring 2008 to generate print and broadcast media coverage of the flower message.

Lead researcher Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones acts as spokesperson to explain the study’s findings. Inspirational author and executive coach MJ Ryan, who helped create the “Random Acts of Kindness” series and wrote books on gratitude and giving, presents the floral gift-giving advice through top 10 occasions and people-to-impress lists.

SAF is distributing broadcast packages to TV and radio stations nationwide, a press kit to national and local print media, targeted outreach to key media, and 24/7 coverage on SAF’s consumer Web site, Combined, the PR tactics work together to infuse the floral message in the context of everyday news.

The Power of Giving media efforts are a direct result of the SAF Fund for Nationwide Public Relations, an industry-wide voluntary promotion effort designed to reach millions of consumers with positive floral messages