College Dorm Rooms

 Students are experiencing the first exciting days in their dorm rooms. A shiny leafy green plant delivered from ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST will liven up their living area and add beauty while bringing in the freshness of nature.We have a wonderful selection of hardy, easy care plants such as Spathyphyllum(peace lily) and Dieffenbachias, set in baskets or ceramic pots for instant, easy decorating. For your friends and family members who have made the move to new apartments or have purchased a new home, a green plant is a thoughtful gift. ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST will deliver the best quality, long lasting plant with a care tag included. An attractive  green plant will be a welcome addition  to the decor, daily admired, by the recipient. You may easily order at  or by phone 508-238-9858.  Or if you are ready to make that first visit stop by and select a plant to take with you!