EASTON, MA   (APRIL 1, 2012) – RICK & FRANK from ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST were recently named  elite FTD Master Florists.  This unique recognition is only being bestowed on top quality FTD Florists.  Select FTD Master Florists such as ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST will receive various exclusive products and services that will help the shop operate their business more efficiently and effectively. 

ESPECIALLY YOURS is receiving the elite FTD Master Florist status as a result of its continued path of growth, service and outstanding achievement in the floral industry.  ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST is an example for fellow florists in the industry.

Rick said, “Especially yours offers various unique products and services to consumers in the community.  We specialize in Wedding & Function work. We work to make your day special while working within your budget.”

From its inception, FTD has stood for innovation, leadership and quality in the floral industry across North America and around the world. FTD’s achievement is proudly embodied by one almost universally recognized symbol – the black and gold FTD Mercury Man logo. The story of FTD would not be possible without the thousands of dedicated artisan florists who have created our tradition over the past 100 years.


2 thoughts on “FTD MASTER FLORIST

  1. Congratulations! I just received the same recognition. Has it helped your business? I feel good about the program myself, but am so newI don’t know enough about it to ask questions!
    chuck bennett

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