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Flowers Commemorate the First Day of School

I just came across the following article on a floral website and thought it was a timely post that I could share. It was written by Jenny Scala on a SAF blog. 

The first day of school is a milestone no matter what grade your student is entering. On the big day, you’ll snap photos of them clutching a new backpack and wearing new school clothes before sending him or her off. You’ll proudly share those photos, post them on Facebook, and look back at them fondly in years to come. The first day of school can be both a time of excitement and trepidation for your child who has a new teacher, new classmates and a new routine.

Start the day with a fun, memorable tradition — give flowers to your child. Flowers are a great way to celebrate the milestone, and can help ease those first day jitters and send your student off with a smile. Research proves being around flowers makes you happier and more energetic, especially after looking at them first thing in the morning. Who wouldn’t want those good feelings on the first day of school?

As you’re back to school shopping, call your us at 508-238-9858 or visit and place an order for your favorite student. Here are suggestions on floral gifts appropriate for your kindergartener up to college-bound student:

Kindergarten through Early Elementary School student: A single flower will make your young student smile and feel extra special on their first day of school. You can even dress up the flowers in their favorite characters, like these Sesame Street carnations.




Wins BloomNet® Award for Top Quality

ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST has received an Award of Quality Achievement from BloomNet®, one of the floral industry’s leading wire service providers.  The award, which is part of BloomNet’s Florist Quality Care Program, recognizes ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST for superior quality floral products and excellence in customer service. 

“We are honored to be named by BloomNet as a florist that is totally committed to quality in everything we do,” said Frank & Rick, owners of ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST. “Providing the freshest and most beautiful hand designed floral arrangements…and making sure each and every customer is 100% satisfied…is our passion. Being recognized with this prestigious award underscores that passion.” 

The BloomNet Florist Quality Care Program was developed with extensive input from florists throughout the country as well as through the expertise of a Quality Care Board consisting of highly successful florists representing more than 200 years of experience in the floral


The Power Of Flowers

I would like to share this recent article from SAF (Society of American Florist) on the “power of flowers”.

Rutgers Research Reveals: Flower Givers Make the Best Impression

Scientific research proves that receiving flowers and being in the presence of flowers make people happy. But is it better to give than to receive?

Through a partnership, SAF and the American Floral Endowment commissioned a Rutgers University study in 2006, to determine how people perceive others based on the types of gifts they give. The results are groundbreaking, as flower givers rose to the top.

The research reveals that people who give flowers make the best impression compared to other gifts studied. They are considered more likable, friendly and emotionally intelligent. The floral gift-giver is regarded as highly caring, trustworthy, loving, successful, and as valuing achievement and beauty in life.

Promoting the Power of Giving Flowers

Through a strategic public relations campaign, SAF is alerting the media to the Power of Giving Flowers to keep flowers and florists top of mind among consumers. SAF launched the campaign in Spring 2008 to generate print and broadcast media coverage of the flower message.

Lead researcher Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones acts as spokesperson to explain the study’s findings. Inspirational author and executive coach MJ Ryan, who helped create the “Random Acts of Kindness” series and wrote books on gratitude and giving, presents the floral gift-giving advice through top 10 occasions and people-to-impress lists.

SAF is distributing broadcast packages to TV and radio stations nationwide, a press kit to national and local print media, targeted outreach to key media, and 24/7 coverage on SAF’s consumer Web site, Combined, the PR tactics work together to infuse the floral message in the context of everyday news.

The Power of Giving media efforts are a direct result of the SAF Fund for Nationwide Public Relations, an industry-wide voluntary promotion effort designed to reach millions of consumers with positive floral messages


Beat Deprssion With Flowers

Did you know that flowers can bring smiles?  They cause people to talk. Talk helps to beat depression.  According to GardenSmart by Fran Sorin (USA Weekend – Jan 20-22, 2006 Issue)

We gardeners know that flowers bring happiness, and research confirms that correlation. Evolution Psychology published results of three recent Rutgers University Studies:

  • FLOWERS BRING SMILES. Of 147 Women of varying ages, those who received flowers smiled significantly more than those who received fruit and sweets or a candle.
  • A SINGLE BLOOM CREATES TALK. Another study took place in an elevator where a single flower was handed to a man or woman. Both women and men who were presented with a flower (rather than a pen or nothing) were more likely to smile. They were more likely to stand at a social distance (rather than an impersonal one) and were more likely to begin conversation.
  • BOUQUETS BEAT DEPRESSION. Retirees, whose average age was 73, were asked to keep a diary of daily social interactions. Those who received bouquets were happier and perhaps less depressed than those who did not, and they scored higher on memory tasks. Let’s help.

Let’s help fight depression.  Give fresh flowers to bring smiles! 




Unlearned Lesson

Memorial Day
Of every year
The little valiant
Flags appear
On every fallen
Soldier’s grave–
Symbol of what
Each died to save.
And we who see
And still have breath–
Are we no wiser
For their death?

~Dorothy Brown Thompson~


  • Please remember those that have left us..  Stop at the cemetery, say a prayer and if possible leave a small token in their memory.  At ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST we have flowering plants, cones, with fresh flowers and memorial baskets.  Call ahead-508-238-9858 to place your “special order” in your choice of colors and flowers or plants.



This year we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday May 27, 2013.  The holiday, always celebrated on the last Monday of May, honors men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971.  The first official observation  of Memorial day was on May 30, 1868.  Flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery.  In 1873, New York was the first state to officially recognize the holiday. 

Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, at least, it marks the beginning of summer.  ESPECIALLY YOURS FLORIST, has potted outdoor flowering plants, logs, fresh floral cemetery cones and floral basket arrangements for the cemetery.  Feel free to call ahead for special orders, in your choice of color or container, and we will have them waiting for you.


MOTHER’S DAY, MAY 13, 2012

Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States, on the second Sunday in May.  The origin of Mother’s day dates back to 1870 when Julia Ward Howe issued a “Mothers Day Proclamation”  as “a call for women to join in the support of disarmament”.  In 1908, Anna Jarvis of West Virginia created the current Mother’s Day Holiday. This was a way to make her own mother’s dream, of making a celebration for all mothers, come true.  Finally, in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson made it an official national holiday.   Mother’s Day, in the United States, is one of the biggest days for sales of “flowers and greeting cards”.   In the past it has also been one of the highest attendance days for Church worshipers.  Many people celebrate with carrying carnations or wearing corsages or boutonnières, pink if their mother is living and white if she is deceased.

Here at Especially Yours Florist we can help you Honor your mothers, grandmothers and “other special moms” in your life with many different arrangements, corsages, flowering plants and other gifts.  Plan ahead and place your orders early!